Tips on Choosing a Microderm Machine


If you are in the market for a microdermabrasion machine, you should choose one that would do exactly what you want it to do. Since such machines come in a plethora of brands, you would have many options to choose from. Since most dealers are only interested in making a sale, it is important that you do not rely on them entirely for advice on how to choose such a device. How do you choose such a device?

Are you shopping for a home microdermabrasion machine or a commercial one? If you are shopping for shampoo for hair growth, you need one that would be ideal for you. In case you would be using your  device on a daily basis, choose one that can handle the abuse. Any commercial microderm machine that you choose ought to be perfect for the size of business you have as well as your target clients.

Consider what would work best for you between crystal and diamond-tip microdermabrasion kit. Crystal devices simply blast aluminum oxide crystals onto your skin through a gadget known as a wand. This is the oldest type of microdermabrasion device, and it sometimes uses sodium bicarbonate crystals. The diamond-tip type is newer and it works better regarding strength of dermabrasion. In place of crystals, the machine uses a diamond-tipped wand.

It is important to factor in the strength of the device and level of skill required to operate it. If you are shopping for a crystal machine, you should understand that the effectiveness of the polish would depend on the type of machine you have. A diamond-tip gadget would provide quality results if the operator is skilled. If you prefer a diamond-tipped one, it is important to train on how to use it. If you prefer a crystal gadget, consider force of crystal flow. Choose among machines that come with a plethora of intensity levels. Learn more about hair loss at

It is important to consider the quality of the device as well as ease of use. It pays to focus on renowned brands of microderm machines. Checking the types of reviews a device has before buying it would be a  wise  decision. Will the device that you choose need frequent cleaning and disinfecting? A device that comes with a disinfectant coating would be a good investment if you cannot find enough time to clean and disinfect your machine.

It is important to consider affordability before making a decision. Crystal machines have a lower initial buying price compared to diamond-tip ones. However, since crystals can only be used once, you would obviously incur extra expenses refilling your machine. It pays to consider cost of refills before choosing any machine. Although a diamond-tip device has a higher initial buying cost, it does not require frequent replacements. Devices that use a synthetic diamond would be cheaper.


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